Extending Your Home In London

Maybe you just bought a new home that could do with some work or maybe you think it would be a good idea to extend your existing house. Creating an extension can be a rewarding project that creates extra space in your home. You can create a new bedroom to accommodate your growing family or enlarge your living room to create more space.

However, before you get started, you should know that you can’t just wake up and start tearing the walls apart. There is a proper way of going about it so that you create a sturdy extension and doesn’t end up destroying your home in its entirety. To do this, you need the help of a skilled person to guarantee that the structure of your existing house and that of the extension will stand to see the times ahead.

House extensions in London are not uncommon. Home owners are always looking to capitalize on their property from time to time. To get started, you will need to get an architect. It’s fairly easy to source one from architecture firms in London. An architect will look at your home and gauge the structural integrity for an extension. Some houses may not have the capacity to support the extra weight brought about by an extension. The walls may have gotten weak over time through damage such as rot. Alternatively, and more commonly, maybe the house was not built with such additions in mind.

An architect can recommend measures to reinforce the adjacent walls. When this is done, you will feel much better having averted a major calamity that could have ruined your home instead of improving it.

The next step is to have the architect draw up construction plans and design the blueprint layout for the new part of your house. He/she will decide how the new structure will blend with the existing one to create one strong bigger house. Architects are able to foresee the structural requirements of a house way beyond what the layman can. In the new plans, they will be able to tell the materials required and create a tentative budget so that you can prepare yourself accordingly.

Just like in any other parts of the UK, house extensions in London require approval from the local planning authority. The local council looks at the plans to determine if they are safe and in line with the building codes of the area. By having an architect draw them up, you can be sure to get an undisputed permit which might not be the case if you prepared them yourself or had a local constructor do so.

Once you get the planning permission, you can now get the house extension built. Depending on which architecture firms in London you’re using, you can get an architect to oversee and approve a job well done. The result will definitely put a smile on your face for years to come. If you plan on selling the property, you can be sure to get value back for your investment.